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Intercom systems for your door or gate are a fantastic way to increase security in your residential or commercial property ensuring only welcome visitors can access your property. Our team of access control experts can talk you through the various options available and provide independent advice on the best intercom for your specific requirements.

We are exceptionally proud of our tailored service, exceptional standards of customer care and our commitment to focusing on the needs of your family and budget. As multiple award winners and finalists our reputation for creating happy customers is spreading. A happy customer brings positive recommendations – which is exactly what’s earned us our great reputation over the years.

What are the benefits of intercom

Intercom systems offer an invaluable array of benefits to both residential and commercial clients, including

  • Peace of mind - see who's present before answering the door
  • Deter unwanted visitors quickly and easily, without answering the door
  • Convenience and comfort
  • Connect your intercom to other security methods, such as electric gates or personell
  • Internal communication – talk to other people in your home or office without wasted time
  • Supervise children – some systems dual function as child monitors
  • Increase value – added security measures can boost property values
  • Relaxation – choose an intercom systems apartments with this function and you can listen to music from your network in all of the connected rooms
These are some of the intercom systems available to you

We have access to a huge range of intercom systems and it’s our job to help you find the right one! However, as a brief guide, here’s a selection of the different types of intercom systems available:

 01  Hard wired intercoms

although particularly suited for new build and renovation developments, these systems can also be installed into existing buildings. The cost of wiring and the associated work is a consideration but this is often an investment that provides the advantage of being resistant to interference

 02  Wireless intercoms  ​

information is transmitted via radio waves rather than through wiring. The signal can interfere with reception, depending on overall product quality. However, they often come with portable devices do that you can interact with the system from all over your property

 03  Audio intercoms

a simple and cost-effective option for basic commercial or residential security with 2 way communication

 04  Video intercoms  ​

The added benefit of being able to see who’s at the door, with the capability to link several monitors together for extended security or monitored actions are also available in mobile intercom system

 05  Automatic gate intercoms   ​

often used in conjunction with a video monitor, this system allows you to check who has approached your gate and open it remotely if you wish to grant entry

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