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As established CCTV specialists, at GATE GUYS we’ve spent many years researching and installing a variety of CCTV systems for homes and associated products for businesses across the country. This experience has led us to select  the very best CCTV solutions for quality, performance and cost.


We’re so confident in our products and services that we offer a full site evaluation, consultation and quote free of charge – giving you the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you may have.

What are the types of commercial and home CCTV systems

The basis of any good system is the right quality camera. Our CCTV specialists will explain the benefits and features of each, but here’s a brief overview:

 01  Housed cameras

these cameras are encased in a weather-proof housing and are ideal for longer range images and for maximum deterrent effect

 02  Dome cameras

these are smaller and with a less intrusive appearance. They are also generally slightly lower priced than housed cameras. Adjustable they will give you the view your require regardless of the angle

 03  PTZ speed dome cameras

this type of CCTV camera 1080p is best suited for commercial purposes, and often form part of a car park security system, as they offer additional functionality such as pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. These can also be integrated with a number plate recognition facility where required

Most cameras also include vandal resistant and night vision options, and further options are available to provide high resolution cameras for a better picture quality.

Additionally, even the best CCTV system with audio is not effective if you are unable to record and playback footage.  In your home CCTV system HD​ you will require recording/playback and storage which can be provided along with DVD quality DVRs which can store 30 days worth of footage.

Our CCTV specialists are here to help you

Whatever your reasons for installing a commercial or residential CCTV system home​, our specialists are always happy to offer advice and provide surveys without cost. We’ll listen to your requirements and take your budget into account, so that we can find the best CCTV security solution for your individual needs.

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