Access Control

Our innovative and highly versatile access control systems can be provided on a ‘standalone’ basis or as part of a sophisticated, fully integrated commercial or residential security solution.

With one of the most expansive and high quality product ranges available, the team at GATE GUYS work closely with each client to ensure that your access control system meets your design and security requirements and specification.

Our accredited GATESAFE, DHF & CAMESAFE installers and bespoke design team work with clients across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire & Warickshire – and we’ll be delighted to arrange a no-obligation survey and quote completely free of charge, so call us now on 01452 642 000.

Our residential security solutions

Our access security solutions include

  • Audio entry systems
  • Video entry systems
  • Networked control panels
  • Access keypads
  • Wifi or hardwired technology
  • GSM Intercoms

The benefits of a residential security system

HERE’S few of the reasons our clients have them installed

  • To give your family the security and safety they deserve
  • To increase privacy for your family home
  • To prevent trespassing or unwanted visitors giving you peace of mind
  • To deter acts of vandalism and theft reducing home and car insurance costs
  • To monitor visitors and see who is there before letting them onto your property
  • To help lower insurance premiums

Commercial access control systems

Depending on the size of your site, you may simply require a small, standalone system or something more complex and integrated to meet higher security needs.

 01  Door entry systems

Generally used for single door access control, they can be controlled via keypads and control panels with access control card reader​ to allow or deny entry to visitors as required. Particularly useful for small offices, schools and apartment buildings.

 02  proximity readers

These systems allow access to be controlled via proximity readers and key fobs and can often be found in offices, schools, retail units and on building sites. User use can be monitored and integrated into CCTV & HR systems


Suitable for more extensive sites, the proximity readers and door controllers are connected via a PC network in order to manage multiple entry and access points. Larger office and industrial units often install access control systems security​, along with warehouses, hospitals and universities

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